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Order Status & Account Details

How can I view my Order Status, Past Orders, edit my Billing/Shipping Address, Password, or other Account Details?

Simply click on “My Account” in the top of your screen, beside the link to your Cart, to access your account information.

How secure is my order?

We use the latest SSL Encryption methods ensuring that your Credit Card information is transmitted to us in a safe and secure manner.

Can a Pre-Order or product ever be canceled?

Unfortunately yes but this is a very rare occurrence. If this does occur every order would be refunded (minus but the Non-Refundable Deposit used to process the order) along with an explanation of what caused this to happen. In the rare occurrence of this happening, you would retain the full reward value as if the item has left our Warehouse. Please accept the Spade Points as our appreciation of your continued patronage and support. Pre-Orders can not be transferred between customer to customer. In other words, you can not transfer your Pre-Order or sell your Pre-Order to someone else. The order will have to be canceled entirely for a refund (excluding the Non-Refundable Deposit).

What if I want an Exchange, Return, and/or Refund for an item?

EXCHANGE: Contact us ASAP and we will check if a replacement is available for you. If a replacement it is not possible, we can offer you credit or a refund (excluding the NRD). Note that if the item has been processed and has left our warehouse, you must wait until the item has been returned back to us to start the Exchange.

RETURN: Once the collectible is safely backed in our VA warehouse and inspected for damages, a refund of the product price will be processed quickly and posted to your bank within a few days (excluding NRD). Please note that if an item fails the inspection this will nullify your return completely. The best way to streamline and ensure your item was sent in the same condition received is taking pictures. Please take pictures that also show or include the date of receiving the item. Also, take a picture showing the condition of the item before final packaging. This will help us verify that the item was received and sent in a specific condition. We only allow a grace period of 1 complete day from the time you receive the item for pictures and from the time an item is sent. There are no exceptions for this. You also need to verify the receipt showing the day the item was sent. For verifying the day upon received we can do so using the Tracking Numbers sent via online. We only accept and process returns from items purchased from the Maven Collectibles Shop, we do not process returns with 3rd Party Companies, Sellers, or Retailers. Pictures sent to CS@MavenCollectibles.com.

REFUND: Collectibles that arrive with damage or manufacturing defects can be returned for a full refund, which includes all shipping costs (excluding the NRD). Again, you have 1 complete day or 24 hours upon the shown delivery time on the Tracking Number to take pictures verifying the damage.

What if all I need is a replacement part?

Please reach out to our Customer Service through the email link and provide photos and a description of the part needing replacing. One of our representatives will reach out to explain what to do with the damaged item and provide you with information as to when you part will be expected to be received. All efforts will be made to ensure your collectible is 100% to design standard. Items broken by the customer will need to be purchased and will not be given out freely. For items that qualify for free replacement and or purchased replacement items, the seller may be responsible for shipping costs.

How do Maven’s Spade Points (SP) work?

Maven’s Spade Points is our online Shop rewards program. We are always looking for ways to thank our client’s loyalty, so Spade Points allows for us to give back to you, our devoted and consistent customer.
Spade Points can be redeemed in a number of ways. In short, our earning system is $1 = 1 Spade (or SP). An item’s cost will reflect the Spade Points example, if an item is priced at $650 that equates to 650 SP. You can redeem your collected SP for discounts off your next purchase in the following way:

  • 500 SP = $5 USD (applied off your next purchase)
  • 1000 SP = $10 USD
  • 1500 SP = $15 USD
  • 2000 SP = $20 USD
  • 2500 SP = $25 USD
  • 3000 SP = $30 USD
  • 3500 SP = $35 USD
  • 4000 SP = $40 USD
  • 4500 SP = $45 USD
  • 5000 SP = $50 USD
    (This is the max that can be redeemed at one time but you still can accumulate points after this.)

SP NEVER EXPIRE! Also, as said above points can be accumulated after 5000 SP, so you can earn up to 10,000 SP. However, you can only use 5000 SP per order. SP can only be used once per order, meaning the SP’s can only be used for your entire shopping cart. To track your SP, please visit the Account Section of the website. SP earned from product purchases are awarded to you once your order has shipped from our warehouse.

Disclaimer: Spade Points calculate automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases.
We reserve the right to adjust the SP awarded to a customer. We will need to do this from time to time if the website miscalculates the SP, which should have been awarded to a customer purchase. If in this circumstance, Maven adjusts your SP, you will be notified in writing of such an event.
Further, we reserve the right to cancel Spade Points or cancel a redemption should the SP have not been awarded correctly. Again, you will be notified in writing should this event arise. Spade Points are not redeemable during sales. SP cannot be used to purchase any online gift cards. SP must be used at the beginning of a transaction.
We reserve the right to change our Spade Points reward program at any time without notice.

Payment & Shipping Information

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover through PayPal, our Online Merchant. Money orders, personal checks or company checks are NOT accepted.
You DO NOT need a PayPal account in order check out. More information can be found on PayPal’s User Agreement.

What is a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD)?

“NRD” or the Non-Refundable Deposit, is the amount of money you pay for a reservation of a Pre-Order. If you decide to cancel your purchase or Pre-Order, you will receive a full refund excluding the NRD. This is because an NRD is usually the least amount we charge to reserve your order without the full purchase price.

What currency are the products shown in?

The prices displayed in Maven’s Shop page are in United State Dollars (USD). If you would like to know the conversion of the prices into other currencies, we suggest an online resource like www.xe.com for current exchange rates. The rate you are charged should be close to this rate, though it may not match exactly. Your credit card company determines the exchange rate at the time the order is authorized.

Why is there a delay between the Pre-Order process and the actual date of shipment?

To ensure that the Collectibles are of the highest quality in both manufacturing and shipping, testing is constantly being done at various stages of production, to proactively catch any quality control issues. This does take time and is a very extensive process. Please note that world events can cause an unavoidable delay in shipment to our warehouse given we use manufacturing outside the states. We will make every effort to minimize the time between your Pre-Order as much possible but ask that you check your Online Account, in the ‘Order History’ section of your account first. You may also check the Maven Collectibles Newsletter for updates on products and contact our Customer Service through email: Info@MavenCollectibles.com.

Can I send my order to a P.O. Box address?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to P.O. Box addresses except, military addresses (APO/FPO). This is due to issues with meeting the criteria required for packages to be accepted or delivered.

What are the International Shipping Charges and Policy?

The International shipping charges are calculated by dimensional weight and country of destination.

  • International Customers will be provided with a shipping quote for in-stock orders during the checkout process.
  • All Pre-Order items will not have a shipping quote available until seven days prior to its arrival into our warehouse.

Please check with your local postal services and/or Customs department prior to ordering for further details regarding any costs, which may apply.

International Destinations

Customs fees, sales taxes, etc., are not included in your purchase price and may be charged by your country’s customs office. In some cases, the carrier collects these duties and customs fees.
It is your responsibility to investigate the amount of taxes and duties you will owe prior to your shipment. Maven Collectibles uses the harmonized code that we have been told is appropriate for our products into your region. Your customs office has the power to change this code on their own. If you feel that your final code/tax are not correct, then you can contact the carrier and/or your customs office directly to request a review.
If a package is refused due to excessive import fees and duties, you will be responsible for any return shipping fees that the carrier will charge Maven Collectibles to return the package.
If Maven Collectibles is unable to have the item returned due to a package refusal, a refund will not be issued.

What if I refuse a package?

If you refuse a package please remember that you are responsible for all shipping charges and Warehouse restocking fees, which are customary (due to size and dimension of item). A Full Refund will be issued (minus the restocking fee, NRD, and final shipping cost). Severe cases may result in permanent banning from the Maven Shop site, along with a canceled Maven Account.

Attention to our International Customers

If you refuse a package, resulting in the return and/or abandonment of your collectible, you will still be responsible for all VAT Fees, Import fees, Return shipping costs, Restocking fees (which will be invoiced and determined based on size and dimension of the item) and Abandonment fees. Your NRD will also not be refunded. These fees will be deducted from your refund. If greater than the product(s) price, maven Collectibles may bill you for the balance.
To avoid any unnecessary costs to you please contact our Customer Service prior to deciding to refuse a delivery.

When will my Pre-Order arrive?

We strive to deliver your Pre-Orders on time if not faster than the expected release date. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure timely delivery. In the event a Pre-Order delay happens, we are proactive on giving notice of the new wait time. We will also be sure to provide information on why the delay occurred. Pre-Order delays are unfortunately a very common issue within the Collectible Industry. These issues are beyond our control and simply the nature of the business. However, you will never have to come knocking on our door for status updates. As soon as we get information about when a product is about to ship or that it has in fact been delayed, we will update the Pre-Order ETA on our website and to Customers of the said order. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during any unforeseeable delays; please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel the need to.

  • We will announce an Estimated Shipping Date on the product page. The page will then update to display a specific month when the item leaves our manufacturing facilities on its way to our main warehouse.
  • We send Pre-Order item updates via our Estimated Arrival email and our Processing Notification email.
  • Shipping updates on delayed product are also sent through our Maven Collectibles Newsletter.
  • You can also track orders in your Online Account, in the ‘Order History’ section of your account.
  • U.S. and International customers will receive an email notice from FedEx, USPS or UPS with your tracking information.

We do everything we can to ensure you receive your collectible. Please know Maven Collectibles is not responsible for email notifications that were not received due to outdated email, SPAM filter or an interruption of service.

About Maven Collectibles

What qualifies as a full Maven business day?

Our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays. Shipments are not delivered on Saturday or Sunday (unless the vendor we are using for delivery makes an exception at their own cost). If your order or inquiry falls on a holiday/outside our business day, orders will be processed or your response will be followed up the next available business day.

How can I contact a representative?

We are always glad to answer all or any inquiries you may have and we do so personally. You can use our Contact Form which narrows down to specific inquiries and sends them to those departments, or you can directly email: Info@MavenCollectibles.com. Real Maven representatives answer all our communications but if you feel the need to correspond your question over the phone, please include your phone number and the best time to reach you.