In its simplest form, ‘maven’ translates to “an expert or connoisseur”, and for that we place our knowledge within collectible model kits. We hold our products to the highest standards with the goal in delivering a well-balanced and luxurious kit. Our pieces are not only tastefully stylized but also well researched to factors like time period, art/artist history, and literary works. We ourselves are fans of many great properties and characters, so we strive to deliver a valuable collectible. Another important factor for us is ensuring consumer friendly engineering for all level of hobbyist. We want everyone to benefit from our sculptures, finish our kits to your liking and personalize your display! We understand the importance of collectibles and our aim is always capturing the magnificent behind the work. We offer Products By Fans & For The Fans™; we are Maven Collectibles.


Model kit and statue painter Jason Rosa founded Maven Collectibles LLC, in early October of 2016. The business is built on his strong admiration for mythology, comic books, and animation from around the world. The sculptures range from licensed products to original artworks and will even showcase collaborative pieces between artists from various mediums. Maven Collectibles is founded and operating in Richmond, Virginia.



Jason Rosa /

CEO, Art Director

James Posey /


Albert Clanton /

Social Media Coordinator

Sung-Joo Byun /

Graphic Artist


Michael Gonsalves /

Digital Sculptor

Perhaps you? /

We're always on the lookout for new talent

Maven hopes to provide an environment in which personal artistry is encouraged and creativity is inspired. We are always looking for talented artists and business professionals to stand beside us! We want to work with the best in the industry; offering unique ideas and exhibiting distinctive flare. Our goal is to bring each project to the next level through the highest quality design, fabrication, and final presentation.

Sound like your kind of place?