First Product Look

First Product Look

Finally, the time has come to share the First Look of our upcoming original product…

Here’s a closer peek at the pics from the teaser.
Ares axe view

Ares Look Up

Ares Sword View

Ares Top down Cape View
BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We unveiled a banner last Sunday (on Easter), showcasing hints/sneaks for the first 4 in the product line. Take a look at this Easter Egg…

Easter Egg Maven Promo

This should keep you guessing what the overall theme is about. Hint: The word “Legends”, is pretty important there. Until then, catch our Instagram for #SUPAmavens every Tuesday, see what’s on our mind via Twitter, and of course get active in our fan polls/current fanbase news on Facebook! We give a big shout out to everyone who helped us have a great release! Those medias exploded and it’s all thanks to the collector community. We appreciate it and we hope to keep your continued support!
Team Maven

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