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Sun Wukong

Head Sculpt - 1 (Grimace Portrait)
Head Sculpt - 2 (Roaring Portrait)

Sun Wukong


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    Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
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  • This is an unbuilt & unpainted model kit, personal assembly or hired assembly is required!

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    Additional information

Product Description

“Is that a monkey?”

Maven Collectibles is excited to unveil this showstopping 1:6th Scale Resin Model Kit. This piece features meticulous craftsmanship (digitally sculpted by Chris Aldana), art direction/model concept by Jason Rosa, and accurately portrays on screen VFX references & original conceptual art. A complete tribute to Legendary Pictures’ groundbreaking film, this kit truthfully serves a piece of the action! From the powerful anatomy of Kong to the skull crawling details of his malicious foe, this piece is incredible! Giving you a Museum and Luxury Grade sculpt that tells your friends & family you are curator to modern art. This is sure to be a breathtaking gift for any Kaiju or Monster Film Collector!

This is an unbuilt & unpainted model kit, personal assembly or hired assembly is required.

“Right off the bat, I knew we needed to do something large and powerful”, says Jason Rosa (CEO/Art Director of Maven Collectibles).

This diorama style kit is something rarely seen in the resin model kit community given the complexity and workload. The main focus is capturing the original concepts, ideas, and film’s aesthetic in a larger than life sculpture. There’s amazing balance of strength and textures present, no detail was overlooked. Scrutiny like Kong’s battled scarred chest, face and chipped ear are all in the proper place for the largest iteration of Kong to date. Of course, the monstrous proportions of the under-earth dwelling menace is not forgotten here either!

“NEOTYPE™ is a very special line for us, it’s for the hardcore fan/collector. A place where we offer what we consider, the ultimate collectible for said property. There isn’t that many great representations of this character and he’s such an important Pop Culture icon. I felt this was the perfect piece to jump off this line. That said, we needed someone special and very in-tuned to the many demands this piece requires.”- Jason

Chris Aldana digitally sculpted this piece but brought so much more to the table. The overall cohesion here is magnificent, with nods to the many iterations of this wondrous beast. Details such as the Skull Island’s gate shown in the kit’s circular plinth, the building size waves that peak at Kong’s ankles, and the anatomy of both creatures-all accurately showcased! This is some of Chris’ greatest work to date and the collaborative process here gives you a taste, of what will be a NEOTYPE™ Kit mainstay.

Being a resin model kit, it allows for customization options in the build such as – 2 interchangeable headsculpts; Kong’s “mean muggin” grimace and/or “roaring portrait” head sculpt. Also, you can finish this to cater to your personal collection. Paint him Bronze w/ patina and make a faux bronze sculpture, or even paint him in a black & white 1933 throwback. Whether you are a seasoned professional like Jon LeGrand or at a beginner skill level, this is a perfect kit to get ignited into the hobby! Estimated at 13 pieces in total, it’s engineered/designed for a no-nonsense build.

**When you finish this we would love to see it, use Instagram hashtag #supamavens and show us your work!**

What is presented here is a complete work of art that tributes a long awaited revitalization to a beloved icon. The idea was to screenshot the presence of the new King of Skull Island. “Sun Wukong” which is Chinese for “Monkey King”, serves as this kit’s name, a mythical figure seen in many legends around the world. However, this could very well in fact be King of them all!

Additional Information

Expected to ship

Dec 2017 – Jan 2018(Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ slightly in appearance.)



Produced by

Maven Collectibles


Camilo “Chris” Aldana

Art Director

Jason Rosa

# of Parts

Approx. 13 pieces

Height x Width x Length

Approx. 20.4” inches (52cm) x TBD W x TBD L

Product Weight

Approx. 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*