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Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

welcome to maven collectibles!!

Jim here and let me start by saying hello to you and everyone out on the interweb! We are Maven Collectibles and our focus is bringing you high-quality original products, in the form of fine art collectible statues. We are fanatics/collectors ourselves and for us, we want to see more dynamic and truthful renditions of admired properties. For starters, we will put in creative liberties that fit the medium and are strategic for stronger aesthetic presentation. We aim to spotlight more obscure characters or subjects from around the world. Finally, we will bring licensed products of comic book, video game, and movie characters to life too!
We are a humble operation but are well equipped and fit for the task. We are excited to share with you and the niche collector what we have in store! Even starting out we have experienced some great opportunities. Although it wasn’t ideal timing, Warner Bros was more than happy to invite us in to share future ideas. For that, I will pass it to CEO of Maven Collectibles Jason Lee Rosa. Fill us in J!

Arigatou Jim! On Dec. 3rd, 2016 Warner Bros invited James Posey (CCO/CMO) and I to discuss licensing at their Burbank, CA office. I was given the opportunity to talk Maven’s plans on a product line for characters/sidekicks of the DC Comics/WB Universe. Although we could not reach an agreement it was a marvelous experience and a true honor. We can honestly say that WB/DC have great plans for their main core characters and hopefully with adequate timing, we can revisit our ideas in future. If I may, let me share with you what we brought as fans and a little bit with what sort of “thinking”, our products contain.

Given we are big fans of their properties, we sculpted a 1/6th Scale Robin (Tim Drake) statue at our own expense. The idea was to complement existing and upcoming 1/6th scale Batman & Classic Rogues Gallery Villains. For us, we want more supporting characters to go alongside existing pieces in the same scale.


Two bike sketches by digital/traditional artist Lew Fraga (Fraga Studios LLC). Many quick sketches were done for possible contours for Robin’s Sports Bike. The aim was it being armor-plated for action but built for speed.

To do this, we focused on trying to create a Robin that tributes many artist iterations. From the start, it was very important for us to keep main details of Robin intact. Starting with the costume, we went with the famous Red, Black, and Yellow apparel. Although we said if WB/DC moved forward with the idea, a release that was a slightly retooled to be the Green/Red costume, could happen. Also, a special treat with a replacing the base to a Bat-Cycle or Robin’s sports bike.


A further along sketch with one chosen bike contour. Here we were collaborating on engineering, of the bike/possible detailing. Although this didn’t make the cut it was the basis for where the final design ended up with.


I was already thinking of making the piece a vertical Diorama Statue standing around 14.5″ inches tall. The reissue on the bike would be more at 12” inch height and have Robin caught in a corner turn/bike slide. We wanted something big enough to be a centerpiece but could possibly fit with free standing 1/6th scale Batman Models or Statues.

(Left to Right) These water towers from NYC and this one from RVA, helped us put together a basis for our statue’s plinth planning. Artist M. Zhu helped with quick sketches and planning here as shown.

We at Maven felt the gargoyle/ “Captain Morgan” pose is a bit played out, although great design/engineering wise it is redundant. We want something unique but familiar to the Batman world. Corner rooftops also felt monotonous to us but then I started thinking of a multi-layered design. Almost like compiling art on top of art. For this, we chose a small water tower as the base foundation. We have a majority of the tower shown but as you can see, we cut it right before the support structures. We compiled a great deal of research on water tower designs of cities like New York, Philadelphia, and even here in Richmond, VA. Gotham is an amalgamation of all the most famous cities around the world. Very much like how Christopher Nolan for his “Dark Knight Trilogy”, filmed in different cities to create Gotham’s appearance. The next thing that we planned was designing Graffiti of various Batman Rogues. This is the “art on top of art” aspect of our model. We felt it was a nice way to sort of nod to the Batman World and even the WB Batman Games, which have become such a big part of Batman’s universe lately. This was subtle and a nice addition but also fitting for the Gotham Universe.

This great political graffiti ad became the basis for our Riddler nod. We also used this as a tribute to Pandemic Studios ‘The Dark Knight’ video game. For those who played it, this may remind you of Riddler’s narcissistic announcements heard throughout the game. Let’s not forgot, we felt it funny to have Joker/or his goons deface the ad. Can you guess what Rogues Gallery Villain the tally marks were for?

Tim Drake was very tricky given we were torn on what age we would showcase him in. Before we were thinking 15-17 but ultimately decided around his 20’s. This gave us just enough build to show maturity and (for those fans out there) hints of his future self. That baby face was a must, to keep it clear he is still young to the Bat Family.

This is an almost finished model (I’d say around 90%), a clay render of Robin’s Face. This was digitally sculpted by our very own Mike Gonsalves.

The end result is something we at Maven are absolutely happy with and who knows, maybe we will get to revisit this. We never got to finish this completely, there is still some details we wanted to flesh out such as the graffiti. Hopefully, you can see where we were going with this overall piece and a little bit with what we hope to bring to our products. For those die-hard Batman fans can you guess the villains that are represented in the graffiti tower? I’ve already said 2 (Riddler/Joker) but the total is actually 6.

James and I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Fitzhugh for the opportunity to share Maven’s ideology and of course, to see WB headquarters! We can’t wait to share with you what we have in mind so be sure like us on Facebook, and shout to us on Twitter or Instagram (@MavenCollectibles). We look forward to bringing you unique products and meeting all the real Mavens of the hobby! Everyone here at Maven and I would like to say thanks and stay tuned!

Robin is under TM & © DC Comics / Warner bros. This imagery was shown only as informational use only and has not been licensed for use by DC Comics/Warner Bros. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, display, share, prepare derivative works based on, re-post or otherwise use this content, except that you may download one copy of the material on one computer for your personal, non-commercial home use only, provided you do not delete or change any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices.
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